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“Olivia has worked with me using massage and Pilates to reduce my stress levels so that I can be more constructive and achieve more with my team”

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Full member of The Sports Massage Association

When I started as a ‘Sports Massage Therapist' in 2009, I had an idea; to be able to help people to keep fit and healthy and alleviate muscle pain/tension and keep the body fitter for longer into later life as well as during our youth.

I wanted to bridge the gap between relaxing (de-stressing) massage, remedial (healing) massage and sports (deep tissue massage), and combine these to enable each client to experience their own unique treatment that was suitable for them.

Through my interest in cycling and working with elite sports people, I have undertaken work with the English Institute of Sport, massaging the British Cycling team at the Velodrome.

I have found over the years that many of my clients had other areas of their life that they needed help with and I looked into how I could help them from the inside as well as on the outside.

This led to me completing a Pilates course so I could do just that.

I now also work to improve health and general wellbeing as well as postural imbalances through my teaching of Pilates and because of my interest in golf, I have devised a Pilates programme, specifically for those who wish to improve and better their golf calling it Golf Fit Pilates.  

For those clients wishing to improve their cardiovascular function I have combined Total Barre Pilates with HIIT calling it HIIT the Barre Pilates.

Life is for living and in today’s fast paced world, I believe it is important to look after yourself and do what you’re passionate about to live a more rewarding life for much longer and to achieve your goals and ‘B Fit Forever’.

I look forward to hearing your story in the future and perhaps having the opportunity to work with you to help you realise your goals and ambitions for this life.

Kind Personal Regards


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