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Horse massage to keep your horse healthy

To understand why we need to know more about muscles, is that more than 60% of the horses body weight is muscle.  Small muscle injuries can take up to 90 days to become apparent (by a change in attitude, decreased performance and lameness) by which time they may have caused more serious injury.

Prompt attention to these 'minor' muscle injuries not only enhances a horse's performance but also may prevent future problems.  Muscle tightening is transmitted from one muscle group to another, so for example, shoulder tension may be transmitted to the muscles of the forearm, resulting in extra stress being placed on the tendons.  Muscle may also enlarge with tension.

Equine Sports Massage Matters

Keeping your horse healthy

Keeping your horse healthy

In the horse, the various massage and stretching techniques enable the horse to perform to its full potential by:

Massage can benefit the well being of the animal, release tension and aid mental relaxation. In the event of an Injury, massage is of great benefit to aid recovery and prevent atrophy of the muscles.


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Used during training and pre and post competition massage keeps muscles healthy, builds up those that may have wasted, maintains strength and suppleness and prevents atrophy even during a period of box rest or restricted work.

After exertion massage minimises stiffness and speeds repair to tissue damaged as an inevitable result of physical stress and fatigue. Passive stretches help to keep or restore joints and muscles to full working capacity.