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A Brand New Approach from BFitForever

My Massage and Pilates interests developed through my own experiences, competing with horses and being involved in other sporting interests such as running, cycling and swimming. Before training to become a Sports Massage Therapist and Pilates instructor, I worked for long hours in an office job which involved lots of sitting down and driving.

This consequently highlighted posture risk factors for me that ultimately affected my ability to perform in sports without pain or recurrent injuries over a sustained period of time. As a result I looked at how I could improve my posture and regain good musculoskeletal balance.  By using a mixture of pilates, exercise and regular massage I now compete and work without pain.  

I firmly believe most musculoskeletal  problems can be prevented with regular sports massage.  It’s also about trying to find the underlying/root problem and look at the bigger picture not just look for a quick fix.

My ethos is:-

DON'T, wait until you are in pain or suffering from injuries before turning to massage and / or pilates.

DO, have regular massage and pilates to maintain your equilibrium,  your overall sense of well being, your optimum physical and mental health and to help you to achieve your goals and be  pain free.



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Full member of The Sports Massage Association

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Liv from B Fit Forever