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The Pilates method is not a new age phenomenon; it has in fact been around for over 80 years.  It’s founder, Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born in 1880 in Germany.  Through his determination to overcome his own childhood health problems (rickets, asthma, rheumatic fever), he developed an exercise programme that assisted in restoring him to optimal health.

 Through his programme he gained enough strength to become an established body builder, diver, skier and gymnast.  At the age of 32, Pilates moved to England where he used his skills as a professional boxer to teach self-defence to members of the police force.


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HIIT Pilates

Are you struggling to lose weight?

Do you love food and don't particularly want to diet?

You want something that's going to motivate you, do what it's supposed to do and be fun?

High Intensity Interval Training mixed with Pilates.  High Intensity exercise has been proven as one of the most effective ways to lose weight because of it's inability to use energy efficiently.  In other words it uses gallons of calories to get through a session - which for those of you that want to lose weight is perfect!

Benefits: Even better is that you will continue burning calories for the next 12 hours AFTER the workout.  Since I love the benefits of Pilates I thought I'd mix the two.   So combining a session gives you the added "core" benefits and also gives you an amazing cardio workout - leaving you glowing and feeling great.

Total Barre Pilates

Sculpt yourself lean and toned muscles with this energising and dynamic group class, designed to challenge and change your body – no dance experience or tutus required!  Total Barre efficiently blends Pilates with dance, cardio and strength training specifically challenging arms, legs and core to strengthen and lengthen the body.  Powered by energising heart-pumping music that makes you need to move, this class uses choreographed movement patterns with the support of a barre to take you through a flow of high-powered sequences that will keep you energised and motivated.

Golf Fit Pilates

You might be wondering why you would want to do what is predominantly lying-down exercise to benefit your standing-up and walking activity.  Well, as you will see there are many benefits to golfers from Pilates.  Pilates is practiced and loved by Pro Golfers, as the stakes are so much higher for them and they will be sure to follow a fitness regime that protects their musculoskeletal system and improves their performance.

Andrew Murray, a former winner on the European tour and a European Senior’s tour golfer has had a successful career. Today Andrew works with corporate clients at golf days around Europe.  A weekly Pilates programme has ensured that Andrew is able to continue to play well at his golf in whatever setting.  Through Pilates he has improved his mobility through the spine, increased the strength in his core, glutes and hips which in turn has given him a bigger turn for a more powerful swing at impact.It has also been suggested that Lee Westwood practiced Pilates after developing a nerve dysfunction when experiencing pins and needles in his arm. There is no evidence to state that Pilates cured this, however Pilates is about improving musculoskeletal imbalances and bringing the body back into alignment and releasing symptomatic areas off, so it is possible to say that it may have helped to improve his symptoms.

The golf swing produces a complex combination of joint mobility and stability along with highly controlled coordination of the whole body.  An injury may not arise at the point where the problem is, formael golfer practicing golf fit pilates example a calf strain may actually be due to poor recruitment in the core and gluteal muscles (bottom muscles), therefore the calf muscles are overused.

Pilates is a method of conditioning that involves hundreds of exercises designed to improve muscle tone, strength and flexibility without adding bulk.

Female golfer practicing golf pilates